A downloadable game

Space Port Florida Tetris - Using the tetris mechanic build a space ship around the reactor in the center from the parts that enter the port from all sides. The ships auto launch when complete.

Version 1.1 with the fully fleshed out game, Include graphics and sounds complements of some very talented people.

Improvements? The blocks, while awesome should do a better job of suggesting function. And the blocks will eventually include more then just single squares. And there is always the obligatory polishing with high scores, credits, and a story crawl.

Download the zip file and move all files to the same folder; double click the exe to run. Alternately you can run it from the following web site: http://smallbasic.com/program/?PTQ565. The site requires the silverlight plugin and is much slower than the downloadable version, and will be lacking the sprite graphics and sounds.

Install instructions

Download all files to the same folder. Double click the exe to launch the game


SpacePort-Tris Florida.zip 1 MB